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Currency, and it's many uses! (And "Izu", as well as "Redemption")

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Currency, and it's many uses! (And "Izu", as well as "Redemption") Empty Currency, and it's many uses! (And "Izu", as well as "Redemption")

Post  ~Jynx~ on Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:19 pm

Currecula, "Izu"s form of currency is earned after each battle! That's right, you get paid for beating the hell out of your enemy. And what's more, you get a bonus for every character your character slaughters. Of course... The losing team gets a fraction of the pay, but the winning team will receive a sum of 10,000 C to be divided amongst it's members. Add that to the bonus each character gets for killing another character, and you've got your "Izu" economy.
The Store:
The store is a user friendly shop aboard the "Izu", that's run completely by mechanical means. It serves to provide perks and special items for a reasonable fee, of course.
1) Stat Points: A total of five stat points can be used in unison to increase one of your stat slots by a point.
So say you had A str. of 5. If you used five stat points on your Str., you'd have an Str. of 6.
2) Pistols, Assault Rifles, And... Ballistics. These are pretty self explanatory, but you'll need Skill to handle these.
3) Vests, clothes, Kevlar, Flak Jackets, and more! Again, these are self explanatory. But this time, you don't need any particular stat to purchase.
4) Perks! Haven't you always dreamed of sneaking into your enemies room? What about watching his battles? Oh yes. All of this and more can be found under the perks section of the store... And if you're lucky... You'll have enough Currecula for some other 'fun' around the ship.


Izu is the large Base Ship in which the four teams of Redemption spend their well earned rest. Of course... There are rules that keep it in orbit.
1) Each team is expected to respect the other team's living quarters. No unwanted visitors may enter the premisis of another team's 'turf' (Part of the ship)
2) All fighting is to be done within the redemption Arena. All violators to the rule will be punished... Two weeks worth of the 'room' will set you straight.
3) All rooms are expected to be kept tidy, and neat... An unclean room will result in four days in the 'room'.
4) Weapons are not permitted aboard the ship-- all weapons will be stored in the Redemption arena.

1) Each team will be selected at random.
2) From there, the Captains (Myself, @Dizzy@, Hoten, Omega) will lead each team into battle.
3) Members are expected to follow all of a captain's orders... Unless the orders are deemed unfair...
4) If orders are deemed unfair, or unjust, members of the team can challenge the captain... And if the captain is defeated, the members can select a new captain.
5) At the end of each battle, the Captains will receive the prize Currecula, and distribute it as they see fit... Within reason, of course.
6) All those who challenge a captain and lose will be sent to the 'room'.

The room:

The room is basically a plain white room, to which the 'troublemakers' are sent. Of course, this part is important to the RP. Those locked in the 'room' will have to sit out for a battle, and watch from a screen within the room.
The room rules:
1) You can receive a pardon... If you're lucky.
2) Those sent to the room are left there for their given time lapse without supervision... You cannot escape the room... Not without outside help.
3) All those caught helping someone escape the room will receive a collective sentencing to the 'room'. There is no real escape. Not without outside help... And we always catch you.


Redemption is the arena in which the fighting takes place. Like "Izu", the arena has designated areas for each team. And within each area each team has a weapons storage facility. Since no weapons can be taken aboard, the first battle will be fought with fists alone... And afterwards, weapons will be available.
1) Each team must respect the privacy of other teams. No entering areas that aren't part of your turf.
2) If one is caught stealing weapons from another team, he/she is sent to the room for one week.
3) Hoarding weapons is perfectly fine.
4) Attacking a member of another team within the 'storage' facilities will result in being sent to the room for two weeks.

There will be more posted up soon, but for now please follow by these simple rules. It's all we ask.
-Thank you,

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