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Character Application : Hoten Mui

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Character Application : Hoten Mui

Post  Hoten Mui on Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:04 pm

Hoten Mui

Height : 6'1
Weight : 150lbs
Date of Birth : 16/10/83
Age : 26
Eye Color : Baby Blue
Hair Color : Auburn
Body : Slender
Piercings : Right eyebrow, both ears, and lip.

Team Officer
The Western Harbinger

Strength : 2/10
Skill : 6/10
Intelligence : 5/10
Stamina : 4/10
Susceptibility : 1/10

Bio : Hoten is a prodigy of speed and sharpness, being trained in Muay Thai while living in Thailand for half his life. However, Hoten was also always engrossed in the sharp-shooting division of United States Military that his Father served in. Priding himself for his quickness and precision with both his fists, and guns, Hoten is no doubt a force to be reckoned with. Even though he went through all of this technical training, Hoten is really a nice boy. Always having a smile plastered across his tanned face, it would seem as though he wouldn't harm a soul. This however is quite wrong. Hoten is known as a berserk, or someone who losses control of himself in the midst of battle. The man will do anything to eliminate the opposing threat, even if it means harming his own comrades. Those who have grown close to him and consider him a comrade always warn the newcomers of that glimmer in his eyes.[img]
Hoten Mui
Hoten Mui

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