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Post  ~Jynx~ on Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:58 pm

Stats! There are five categories for stats, each one directly affecting the others.

No one can have any stats above 6! Only One stat can start at 6 if you wish.

Strength: This is pretty self explanatory, but here are the match ups.
1- Weak... This is a very rare stat...
2- This would be about the average human's strength.
3- And this would be a human who is 'in shape', and athletic's strength.
4- This would be a strength equal to a body builder's strength.
5- A seasoned, and trained fighting veteran.
6- Someone who has put themselves through intense training, and has shown their prowess in battles past.
7- A proven fighter, who has almost reached mastery level...
8- The one inch punch? Nothing compared to an 8's centimeter slam. At a centimeter, an 8 could knock out the average human with a single blow.
9- Scars, and titles litter the one who's gotten far enough to call himself a true hero of fighting.
10- A true master... Decades, and decades of training rest under this hero's belt... And the tales don't lie. A 10 is a madman when it comes to power.

Skill: This determines the character's ability to punch accurately, and use weapons correctly. A high skill level results in lower Strength... But there will be a way to increase your stats, so you needn't worry.

1- This is where a normal human without training would rest.
2- The average teenager.
3- The average street brawler.
4- At four, accuracy on punches and weapons is above average.
5- Weapons and fists are like second nature, punches and bullets are will be able to hit specific areas... Such as arms, legs, and the head without much trouble.
6- This is the point where a character would learn about pressure points, and their effect on the body.
7- Pressure points, and the such are somewhat recognizable from memory.
8- Advanced precision, and pressure point knowledge.
9- Gunslinging and unique movements are like second nature. Flips, and incredible leaps are like nothing.
10- A true single-action-army. A Mastery of pressure point fighting, a mastery of gunslinging, and a mastery of acrobatics are all within the master's possession.

Intelligence: The level of intelligence directly affects the ability to rise the ranks of skills. Upgrading your intelligence indirectly upgrades your skill. When one upgrades their intelligence, their skill will go up after a single battle.

1- ... The strong silent type, huh?
2- ... F
3- ... D-
4- ... C
5- ... B
6- A!
7- + (Above average)
8- S+ (Extremely book smart)
9- S++ (Wise, and incredibly intelligent.)
10- I (Genius level-- The ability to provide insight is at it's finest here.)

Another note about intelligence and skill... They both directly affect the Strength. High Skill levels at the start result in high Intelligence levels, but a low Strength.

Stamina: How long your character can keep his/her fight up.

1- ... Cupcake.
2- ... Couch Potato.
3- ... The average teenager... In America. (Sad...)
4- ... A physically fit teen.
5- ... Persistent! Working out is a hobby!
6- Strong enough to keep going under some tough pressure.
7- A mile sprint? No sweat.
8- Rest is no longer a worry... Almost nothing but a good fight could phase an 8.
9- Wow! Only a near death experience could make a 9 even think about taking a 'knee'.
10- ... Nothing phases this powerhouse.

Susceptibility: Before each battle, a few characters will be selected to experience realistic symptoms... Such as a stomach ache, a headache, and so on... Names will be picked at random from a hat, so the susceptibility stat will determine how many times your character's name is in the hat. Everyone will start out at 1.
1- Your name will be placed in the hat 10 times.
2- Your name will be placed in the hat 9 times.
3- Your name will be placed in the hat 8 times.
4- Your name will be placed in the hat 7 times.
5- Your name will be placed in the hat 6 times.
6- Your name will be placed in the hat 5 times.
7- Your name will be placed in the hat 4 times.
8- Your name will be placed in the hat 3 times.
9- Your name will be placed in the hat twice.
10- Your name will be placed in the hat once.

Now that you know how each stat works (and if you still don't, feel free to ask an me or another admin.), it's time to lay down the law. One, at the start nobody's stats may exceed a ranking of 6 on any category. Two, stats may be increased with 'stat points' achieved after winning a round, or purchasing them from a vendor between matches. And that's about it for now...[b]

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