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Battles! Maps! And more of that action you crave... Sort of.

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Battles! Maps! And more of that action you crave... Sort of.

Post  ~Jynx~ on Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:26 pm

-------------In "Redemption", battles are miniature wars. There's so much going on, that one might wonder... How the hell do we RP all that at the same time without generalizing every detail? Well... I came up with an idea to fix that. Not only will we 'map' out each battlefield before we describe it, but we'll have a map placed along the topic after each post just to show where the character is after the post... For example....

Say this:

Is a room.

And this:


Is you.

Now when you put the two together, you get:


Wherein the X is the player. Simple so far, right?

Now, take that and put into a much larger scale... Not every player can be an 'X', so the letter of their first, or last name will be used to represent them.

So let's say we have a room with two characters... Dizzy, and Acheros for example... And a few walls to use as cover. How would we represent that? Well...


You might look at this and wonder, what it is... But, if you look closely... The C's represent a wall that could be used as adequate cover, the A represents Acheros, and the D represents Dizzy. Now you must be asking yourself what those arrows next to each character means. They simply display the direction that each character is facing.

In time, I hope these 'maps' will help us RP the terrain that our characters stand upon for future battles... RPing them alone would prove slightly confusing, so I hope the use of these maps may give us a better understanding of someone's post.

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